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Jiangsu power pump Technology Ltd is a production of metering pump, high pressure reciprocating pump, turnkey chemical dosing device, oxygen and water treatment equipment, professional production enterprises.
        This company classification products has diaphragm type measurement pump, column plug type measurement pump, Jiangsu power measurement pump, and measurement pump, and column plug measurement pump, and diaphragm measurement pump, and mechanical diaphragm measurement pump, and electromagnetic diaphragm measurement pump, and big flow measurement pump, and high pressure measurement pump, and measurement pump manufacturers, and diaphragm type measurement pump, and column plug type measurement pump, and micro measurement pump, and added drug device, and phosphate added drug device, and Water treatment dosing, automatic dosing devices, products are exported to all parts of the country, with a fixed Middle East and Southeast Asian customers. Company technicians and sales personnel and production workers as 3:2:5 in full accordance with the standards of internal quality management system and strict management, excellent equipment, designing high performance metering pumps and complete sets of automation products, petroleum, chemical industry, civil engineering, cement grinding agent, boilers, add drug industries has a good reputation. High-end products developed and produced as pump design manufacturer, we strive to provide customers with the most reliable products, keep in mind that quality is the life of the party. And provide after-sales service, so that customers using worry-free.
Jiangsu Pump Power Technology Co.,Ltd

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