Care and maintenance
(1) check whether the metering pump piping and joints loose. Turn the metering pump with the hand, a look at the metering pump is flexible.
(2) add lubrication to bearing body oil, observe oil level should be at the center line of the oil, the oil should be replaced or supplemented.
(3) remove the water metering pump body plug, pouring water (or pulp).
(4) close the outlet valve and the outlet pressure of the road and import the table and vacuum gauge.
(5) motor, a look at the motor direction is correct.
(6) switch on the motor, when the metering pump is normal operation, open export vacuum pumps depending on the pressure gauge and imports showing adequate pressure, gradually opening the valve and check the motor load.
(7) controlled metering pump flow and head within the range indicated on the plate to ensure that metering pumps functioning at maximum efficiency in order to obtain maximum energy savings.
(8) the metering pump in operation, bearing temperature must not exceed ambient temperature 35C, maximum temperature must not exceed 80C.
(9) if found any unusual sound metering pump should immediately stop checking reasons.
(10) metering pump stops when in use, close the gate valve, pressure gauge, and then stop the motor) (11) metering pump within the first month after 100-hour oil changes, every 500 hours, change the oil again.
(12), always adjust the packing gland, ensure packing room dripping normal (with a drip (13) regularly check the wear of the bushings, wear after a larger change in time.
(14) the metering pump when used during the winter season, after coming to a stop, set the lower part of the pump body drain plug unscrew the media NET. To prevent cracking.
(15) metering pumps stopped for a long time, it is necessary to pump all apart, wipe dry, rotating parts and joints slush packed properly.
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