Metering pump operating principle and control method

  Metering pump from the conveyor components, motor, pump head part consists of three parts. Conveyor parts motor-driven rotation of the worm through worm gear, sleeve under, power passed to the n-type shaft. N shaped axis and eccentric block led crank linkage and cross head, drive column plug for reciprocating movement; through n shaped axis and trip regulation institutions regulation Rotary eccentric to Regulation column plug of trip, to Regulation flow size; with column plug in liquid cylinder within of reciprocating movement, sucking, and row valve group alternating to opening and closing, liquid was constantly inhalation and discharge liquid force end; pump in inhalation trip in the, pump head liquid cavity body in the formed negative pressure, makes inhalation valve open, liquid into cylinder cavity; in discharge trip in the, column plug of mobile in liquid Shang increased has pressure, Liquid discharge discharge valve open.
metering pump is used primarily by power drive, fluid transmission and control consists of three parts. Powered devices drive fluid transport through mechanical linkage systems diaphragm to achieve movement:
    diaphragm (piston) in the stroke of the first half of the week will be the transmission fluid suction and fluid from the pump head in the back half of the week, so changing stroke reciprocating frequency or a reciprocating motion of the stroke length can be up to regulate fluid transfer purposes. Precision of Machining accuracy ensure the pump at a time so as to realize the precision measurement of transmission medium. Because of their different ways of power and fluid transfer and metering pumps can be roughly divided into Cheng Zhusai and diaphragm type two kinds.
    now, precision metering pump technology is very mature, its fluid metering and delivery capacity up to 0-100,000l/h and working pressures up to 4000 bar, scope of work covers all areas of industrial production requirements. Development of metering pump has gone beyond its traditional sense simply the pursuit of capacity and scope of material and high precision-oriented, versatile and intelligent direction, a trend that has become the consensus of the world's leading metering pumps.
metering pump control    metering pump each time the amount of fluid pumped out its measurement volume. Must be under the effective diaphragm area, the output volume of the fluid flow of the pump is directly proportional to the length l with stroke and stroke frequency F:V ∝ A*F*L. In measuring media and work under pressure by adjusting the stroke length l and stroke frequency f can be achieved for two-dimension adjustment of metering pump output. Metering pump controlled in four ways:
1. analog/switches signal conditioning methods widely used in process control 0/4-20mA analog current signal sensors, signal exchange between controller and actuator standard metering pump with external control functions are used in this way, the hedge drive frequency and stroke frequency adjustment.
2.-base control in certain special occasions, such as adjusting the pH value, metering pump as actuators, controlled by the regulator added acids or bases. To simplify configuration and improve the reliability of the system, with microprocessor for embedded control systems are integrated directly into the metering pump, so just add-ins a pH sensor, you can form the complete control system. The base concept of intelligent metering pumps are also suitable for controlling other parameters, such as oxidation reduction potential (ORP) and residual chlorine concentration and other applications.
3. set program type control due to internal integrated has micro-processing computer, some measurement pump products of regulation performance and operation performance get has full upgrade, in followed external control command achieved real-time measurement flow regulation zhiwai, also has quantitative added, time sequence triggered program type added, event sequence triggered program type added, time-event mixed triggered program type added and automatically correction, variety work mode, and can provides to pump out fluid total, remaining stroke times and stay conveying fluid capacity, Set the metering pump stroke length and other relevant parameters and other useful information.
4. fieldbus ProFibus control mode of large scale and high degree of automation in petrochemical applications, using digital communication protocol for automatic high-speed data transmission between the device and network control system, large capacity, high reliability, have become the mainstream of development.
    now, sophisticated power driving method and liquid transfer end (pump) materials technology makes new metering pumps are almost complete for any conventional and special media requirements, its working pressure and capacity to meet most of the requirements for industrial production. After more than half a century of practice and technical improvements, metering pumps now has great advantages, with absolutely no leaks of the diaphragm-type metering pump, its safety is extremely high, metering and delivery accuracy, flow rate can be adjusted. Regulation of visual clarity, smooth, noise-free, small size and light weight, easy to maintain, and can be used in parallel.
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