Metering pump standard and structure design

standards, norms and regulations of metering pump
1. in addition to the engineering and technical requirements, and should comply with the standards specified on the pump data sheet (the latest version), such as:
GB9236 metering pump specifications;
GB7783 metering pump testing method;
API675 metering pump (Positive Displacement Pumps-Controlled Volume).
2. when the technical provisions conflicted with the specified standard, subject to the technical regulations for this project.
seller to the buyer in writing of contradictions clear to draw the purchaser's attention and addressed.
metering pump structure design of
  1.1 pump pressure parts allow maximum outlet pressure should be at least equal to the rated pressure of the pump 110%.
  1.2 all pressure-bearing components (including import pressure area) should design allows maximum outlet pressure at pumping temperature, take the value of the permissible stress of the material:
    of domestic pumps, should not exceed HG20531-93 (cast iron, cast steel container) provides the maximum permissible stress values;
    on imported pumps should not be greater than ASME Section VIII provides maximum permissible stress values.
  2.1 the interface unless otherwise specified on the datasheet, all interfaces are the flanges.
  2.2 except as otherwise provided, provisions made in the inlet and outlet flanges shall conform to GB9112, import the inlet and outlet flanges shall conform to ANSI B16.1 and 16.5 per cent. Diameter or thickness greater than standard flange is also allowed.
  2.3 import and export should get the same level of pressure flange.
  3.1 packing box of piston packing ring should be established in order to fill the cleaning or lubrication.
  3.2 should ensure that the hydraulic end packing sealing leakage of liquid does not enter the power end.
  4.1 diaphragm pump diaphragm or double diaphragm pump diaphragm of the first limiting mechanism.
  4.2 Double diaphragm pump diaphragm shall be filled with an inert liquid (and divide both sides of the process fluid, hydraulic oil mix should be harmless), and should consist of a probe, alarming when the diaphragm is ruptured.
    bearings should be of a standard form, of non-standard bearing factory on its own can not be used.
6. bumper
    If specified on the datasheet, import/export buffers should be provided by the seller, the type shall be agreed by the buyer and the seller.
  7.1 diaphragm pump relief valve the relief valve should be able to automatically adjust, easy to repair, replace, set pressure should be at least 110% of the metering pump rated pressure.
  7.2 if specified on the data sheet, plunger pump with external safety valve shall be provided by the seller.
8. lateral line
  8.1 if you need lubrication, cooling and seal flush piping system, the seller shall provide and install the pump and (or) base.
  8.2 all piping system pipes, joints should be no less than 1/2 inches (13mm), its wall thickness shall not be less than 1.6mm (1/16 inches).
  8.3 except as otherwise provided, 1-1/4 (32mm), 3-1/2 (90mm), 7 (175mm), 9 (225mm)-inch pipe can not be used.

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