The use of metering pump

Metering pumps into the plunger metering pumps and diaphragm metering pumps, only the electric plunger metering pump and comparing electric diaphragm metering pumps.
     piston pump is the complex movements of DC motor driven piston liquid inhalation and discharged under pressure because of its plunger bare and plunger work in liquid in a liquid under the action of grinding piston wear very quickly, once fitted with larger diameter nozzle, plunger reciprocating frequency and increased wear of the piston. Short service life of the machine. Replace the plunger very expensive, if the voltage is not normal and will lead directly to DC is not working properly. In addition, due to the significant movement back and forth, piston pump's pulsant work great, make flow unstable. Bile fast initial suction piston pump is the strength.
     diaphragm type measurement pump, its design type in column plug pump based Shang get has more big of improved, principle for electricity motivation led piston reciprocating work (note, piston does not directly contact liquid), again promoted diaphragm movement, will liquid absorption pressure Hou launched, due to its piston in anti-wear of oil in the work, work environment greatly optimization, life greatly improve, after penetration hardening processing of piston more is easily damaged, With polymer materials of high resistance ground diaphragm the diaphragm pump life improved. Reliability is another strength of diaphragm pump, the failure rate is very low, the voltage requirements, environmental requirements, easy maintenance, maintenance costs only about one-fifth of the piston pump. Diaphragm pump price, its excellent price-performance ratio will contribute to promotion of diaphragm pumps.
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