Diaphragm-type pulse damper description

description of diaphragm-type pulse damper
     pulsation damper pulsation dampener, is eliminating line ripple component is the metering pump must be equipped with attachments. Pulsation dampers can be smoothed by piston pumps, diaphragm pumps, positive displacement pump caused by water hammer of piping pulsation and systems.
(a) the main function of
1 the harm, reduce drop a hammer on your system.
2, reducing the velocity fluctuations in the peak.
3, protect pipes, elbows from the pressure wave impacts.
4, for metering pump to create a good working environment and improve the performance of the pump.
5, allows the system to use a smaller diameter and lower costs.
6, and back pressure valves use pressure waves can make the pipe is close to zero.
7, reduce the energy consumption of the system.
(ii) principle
     according to Boyle's law (Boyles Law) P1VI=P2V2, smooth pipe pulsation through the change the volume of a gas. Crest, Chamber size smaller, pulsation dampers absorb the excess flow of liquid, when trough, the gas Chamber becomes larger in volume, free storage of liquids, so as to have the effect of smoothing ripple.
(c) product features
     large volume, high pressure, without inflating, simple structure, vertical installation requirements, gas-vulnerable, empty smoothed pulsating effect of diaphragm type pulsation damper.
(iv) dynamic damper using FAT
     air damper: 1.0Mpa plastic material, metal materials for 10 Mpa, ban on overpressure use, avoid shell is exceptionally dangerous. Pulsation damper plastic maximum temperature 75 ℃. Minimum working temperature: 5 ℃, optimum use temperature 10~45℃. Metal material conditions of pulsation dampers using metallic material properties and the use of pressure.
     during the process of installation, avoid collision to prevent rupture of the shell. Should be installed around the pulsation damper sufficient space, ease of future maintenance, adjustment of pulsation damper. Between the pulsation damper and mounting brackets mat shock-absorbing material to absorb fatty damper case shock energy and prevent its earthquake.
(v) selection guidelines selection
     pulsation damper should be selected according to the fluctuations in hydraulic pipeline, according to Italy's law calculates that for positive displacement pumps can be selected according to the stroke volume. Pulsation dampers for larger volume of smoothing ripple effect as possible.
     We can according to user's pulsation damper made of UPVC, PP, lCrL8Ni9Ti, carbon steel and other materials.
(f) Save of a pulsation damper pulsation damper
     cleaning residues of transported; cool, dry dark after damp-proof saved.
(VII) precautions
1, installed in the distance from the pump near the smooth ripple effect will be even better.
2, to avoid resonance system.
3, when used with a back-pressure valve, pulsation damper should be installed between the pump and the back-pressure valve to absorb traffic spikes between pump and back-pressure valve. Slow the rate of wear of back-pressure valve.
4, pulsation damper should be used indoors, avoid direct sunlight and away from sources of ignition and heat. Rooms at the booth or enclosure should be added.
5, if the pipe liquid dangerous goods, pulsation damper should be adding shield, preventing overflows after the rupture of the shell material harm or pollute the environment.
6, pulse dampers are not filling heat transfer components, used in the process not to pulsation dampers for heating or cooling.
7, the pulsation damper before performing any maintenance, should be shut off device to release the pressure, close the pulsation damper valves associated with the system, confirm pulsation resistance fart machine without pressure. Maintenance attention to prevent liquid supplement harm.
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