Operation methods of steam reciprocating pump

methods of steam reciprocating pump
1. daily operation and maintenance
  1.1 to keep the pump clean.
  1.2 periodic inspection;
   a), flow rate, pressure, reciprocation number of times is normal, there is no noise.
   b) Oiler oil and liquid surface.
   c) all parts there is no wobbles or falls off.
   d) packing is leaking oil.
   e) cooling water drainage is normal.
  1.3. Add enough qualified cylinder Oil Lubricator regularly, the liquid level between 1/2~2/3.
  1.4. every four hours to the oil injection point joined the 30th mechanical lubricating oil.
  1.5. find packing leaks, should promptly report monitor, contact maintenance.
2. start the pump and pump
  2.1. preparations before the start
   a) cleaning clean around the pump.
   b) check whether the pump pipes and parts intact.
   c) installed qualified pressure gauge, the pressure gauge should be well isolated liquid.
   d) oil feeder and fill it with qualified cylinder oil, and shake the handle fueling, and check the oil injection point.
   e) by dehydration removal of main steam valve, exhaust steam pipe water.
   f) opens the exhaust valve, and from dehydration warm bottom cylinder.
   g) for packing on cooling water of hot oil pump.
   h) the oil into lubricating oil (grease).
  2.2. open pump
   a) open the fuel tank inlet valve and pressure gauge valve
   b) main steam valve slightly open, continue heating cylinder
   c) heating cylinder the cylinder to normal, close the cylinder bottom dehydration valve
   d) Gradually turn up the steam valves, pump starts.
   e) Note After starting the pump outlet pressure and pump operation.
  2.3 ... pump
   a) turn off the pump inlet valve.
   b), close the steam pump discharge valve.
   c) open the cylinder bottom drain valve, steam evacuation.
   d) close the fuel tank inlet valve.
   e) turn off the cooling water.
   f) pump stop the pump should close before the fuel tank inlet valve and control the number of Reciprocating steam pump, oil tank oil drain pump.

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