Working principle and application of high pressure homogenization machine

     high pressure reciprocating pump of high pressure homogenization machine (for reciprocating pump principles please click here) for power transmission and material handling bodies, material to the valve (homogeneous emulsifying valve valve and the secondary level). To the processing of materials in the valve by working, produces strong shearing at high pressure, the impact and the hole effect, so that the liquid or solid particles in liquids as carriers are ultra-micronized.
     quality machines being unique principle for numerous process innovations as well as new product development application provides an easy and effective way, Homogenizer role are: improve product uniformity and stability, increased shelf life; reduce response time and thus save a lot of catalysts and additives ; Change the consistency of the product to improve the taste and color of the product, and so on, the typical areas of application are as follows:
1 food and beverage industry: soybean milk, milk, peanut milk, condensed milk, cream, mixed cheeses, variety of pulp-natural drinks,
ice cream, Western health nutrition such as pollen, food additive, flavoring and so on.
2 cosmetics: detergent, conditioner, lotion, perfume.
3 chemical industry: paint, emulsion fuel oil disinfectants, insecticides, photographic emulsion, latex, resin
, thickener, bentonite, flavors, Silicon, carbon, magnesium oxide, titanium dioxide and so on.
4-pharmaceutical industry: antibiotics, antacids, and liquid formulations, intravenous emulsion and so on.
5 bio-engineering technology: high pressure Homogenizer in bio-engineering application of more and more attention, largely because of high pressure homogenization machine to break the cell walls to efficiently extract their contents: such as enzyme, protein, etc.
here are a few concrete examples to explain simple Homogenizer:
1 why cosmetics are skin absorption: such statements are often heard in cosmetic advertising: skin surface is completely absorbed by the skin. In fact, completely absorbed by the skin is unlikely, but the skin surface has a scientific basis. Biology tells us that the average human epidermal micro-hole approximately in 1.5 μm in diameter, and the vast majority of cosmetic ingredients in the 450kgf/cm2 after exposure to pressure homogenization of the average particle size of about 1 micron, so cosmetic skin is not difficult to understand. And it is not difficult to understand why a lot of the cosmetics industry use high pressure Homogenizer.
2 How to improve liquid turtle, Bee Royal Jelly, pollen oral liquid drug absorption rates: in the production of these more expensive products, increase the body's absorption of great significance because the absorption rate mean reduction of the raw material used to achieve the same result, which means lower production costs. How to achieve this aim? As you all know, due to enzyme function, the human will absorb, absorb very much depends on the area of the enzymatic reaction. Substance enters the body smaller the granularity the greater the surface area of contact with the enzymes react, so the higher the absorption efficiency. And the effect of high pressure Homogenizer is left to the grain refinement (homogeneous liquid-liquid with an average particle size less than 1um), not to mention not precipitation does an homogenized product high advantages of colloidal stability, so that the appearance of the finished product is also greatly improved, so in the more expensive oral liquid using high pressure Homogenizer benefits are obvious.
3 according to the theory described in the article 2nd, I believe we are not difficult to understand why high-pressure Homogenizer can enhance chemical catalysts, effects of various additives and other chemical products.
     asked: since the homogenization medium is fluid, then in powdered products and how to apply it? The problem is simple: with high-pressure homogenization machine after thinning, dry powder products of high quality can be obtained.
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