Diaphragm metering pump troubleshooting

Metering pumps are often used in life, diaphragm metering pump, driving system, crankcase, hydraulic system and pump head consisting of four parts. Diaphragm measurement pump work Shi, motor drive Worm worm led crankshaft turned, crankshaft through rod will rotating movement conversion for column plug of reciprocating movement, column plug of movement makes hydraulic cavity in the of hydraulic oil passed of masterpiece for within, and outside diaphragm, within, and outside diaphragm of reciprocating movement makes media cavity volume occurred changes, while through into, and export one-way valve of control, makes media from pump head imports inhalation, from export discharge. When you need to change the flow rate of the pump, rotate manually adjusting wheel by changing the eccentricity of the crankshaft system to control the size of the plunger stroke, force changed the hydraulic Chamber, thus changing the reciprocating motion of the diaphragm, regulation of traffic. Fault analysis and treatment method of
pump is not on the scale or insufficient amount on the causes and treatment of diaphragm failure or valve plug if pump is not on the scale or volume, the first to check for blockage or outer diaphragm check valve failure. Check valve check valve before removing the pump head, start the motor and adjust the piston stroke and observed no change in range of motion of the diaphragm, diaphragm size change range of motion of the plunger stroke, then the diaphragm intact. And then into a one-way valve, if water cannot enter from the entrance, or from the outlet, then the check valve is blocked, needs to be cleaned if water inflows from export, import flows, then the check valve anti-wear and need to be adjusted. Check valve plug is rather widespread, because NSI batching process, too many impurities. Solution is, led to the end of the pump inlet tube from the tank from tank walls leads, pipeline height increase, so that impurities precipitated at the bottom, and then drained on a regular basis.
oil tank feed valve is damaged when the metering pump is functioning, hydraulic Chambers filled with hydraulic oil. When hydraulic fluid is low, hydraulic oil in the oil tank will supplement its shortcomings through the feed valve if the valve is damaged, it will cause the diaphragm to stop movement or operation is not enough, thus giving rise to pump up volume or less. Oil tank feed valve failure in general there are three: the valve core and the valve seat combined with bad valve seal failure; improper valve spring failure or preload.
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