Introduction of metering pumps and metering pump some of the frequently asked questions

  Metering pump is a process that can meet various stringent needs flow rate can be adjusted continuously throughout the 0-100%, used to transport liquids (especially corrosive liquids) a special volumetric pump. Metering pump also known as a pump or pumps.
      metering pumps are reciprocating positive displacement pumps for accurate measurement, often require stability precision metering pump does not exceed ± 1%. Modern industrial automation, remote control, a development of the situation, supporting strong, adaptation of the metering pump medium (liquid) broad advantage is particularly outstanding. South pump industry measurement pump has most completely of products series range, and to its unique of technology advantage, and variety drive way and liquid force end material, due to pump head according to was measurement media of different can selection different of material, as special fluoride Dragon (PTFE), and poly partial fluoride vinyl (PVDF), and PVC (PVC), and stainless steel (316),, can meet almost all application occasions on chemical pharmacy voted added of need, to widely application Yu petrochemical, and chemical, and oil/gas, and power, and environmental/water treatment, and paper, and Pharmaceutical and other fields.
       metering pump transmission produced by our company has the advantages of advanced metering pumps and optimizes the deficiencies, and the price is cheap; delivery time short; simple structure, fewer parts; and long service life, low maintenance cost; the South pump g series diaphragm metering pumps can be only used two seat can be over 2 liter to 1800 litres of product, While others made at least five a frame above to complete this; all components are modular, batch production. FROY hydraulically diaphragm metering pump, Max 659L/H, Max ruled out pressure: 211bar, regulation 10:1, precision ± 1%, suction lifting heights of up to 3 m water column, without packing, long service life, with the world's most advanced manual control, adjust the precise dosing. GH series hydraulic diaphragm metering pump, Max 500L/H, Max ruled out pressure: 30bar, regulation 10:1, precision ± 2%, suction lifting heights of up to 3 m of water.
each of the metering pumps undergo strict testing before delivery, through the improvement of the sales and after-sales service network. Implement the business policy of the company "quality first, reputation first".
    metering pump fault analysis of measurement 1) metering pump suction is not normal to the stroke length 100% position. This can render the entire set of components to rotate back leakage from the holes align with the bottom of the pump. Adjust the hydraulic pump is running and the diaphragm to the right location.
on reaction time, pulse duration may not be long enough. Relative to the standard pulse width 80msec, pulse width flow monitor extensions can be activated, increasing the pulse width to 300msec. Activate the smart switch, remove the fixed circuit board cover, remove the jumper X-1. This will activate the extension, allow more time before the fault indication.
metering pump pump head installed since the exhaust, using irrigation and suction fluid. Keep the suction line as short as possible.
2) replace diaphragm metering pump when you removed the old divide, often in trouble. Now how to remove the old diaphragm offers some additional advice.
1. After the pump head loose, before removing the pump head, adjust the stroke length to 0% position. Can guarantee the magnetic axis is pressure enough, and keep it secured, so you can unscrew the diaphragm.
2. To pull the fluid end screw jacks off. Seize the liquid end anti-clockwise rotation. A little resistance, you can unscrew the diaphragm.
3. Measurement of chemical crystallization on the hydraulic side, resulting in valve check valve ball and seat does not work.
4. In the suction side of the pump may have a gas leak. Fluid end suction side connectors may be missing o-rings or loose connection of the inhalation valve.
3) using flow monitoring metering high viscosity medium, liquid flow fault signals are received in the process, how can solve this problem?
by loosening 4 screws pump head, mobile hydraulic end. Rotary stroke length to 0% and grab the hydraulic end, then slide out from the screw holes, then the screws do not come into contact with them, but also held back and septum. And then counterclockwise rotates the part, a little resistance, the diaphragm from the magnetic axis is loose. If the diaphragm is not loose in the diaphragm and the contact surface of the magnetic axis with some grease. Place after a few minutes, with a plastic hammer to tap the diaphragm. And then again as described above.
4) how to prevent the metering pump stroke positioning motor burned? 1. remove the 4 screws fixing the pump head. Screw position in the rear of the metering pump.
2. If the discharge line is installed and the drain valve closed? Metering pump liquid-phase discharge valve open. Note: not all metering pumps have drain valves.
3. The diaphragm is installed, and back leakage from the vertical position after which the holes, install the pump head. Ensure suction valve and leakage from the holes aligned, hydraulic side align the screws with the 4 holes.
5) hydraulic pump flow or inaccurate?
1. open valves in the valve.
2. full oil through the fill valve.
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