Traffic statistics analysis of metering pump

metering pump flow-lift characteristics generally have three types: flat, steep, hump type. For sewage processing system of pump should has flat characteristics, its 0 flow and maximum flow Zhijian of head changes range not should is greater than 10%-15%; steep drop characteristics of measurement pump due to its maximum flow and minimum flow between of head changes too big, so should not be selection; hump characteristics of pump also not used, because in two Taiwan pump parallel run Shi may caused load and head of cycle changes, and Dang this a changes of frequency is equal to system of since vibration frequency Shi will produced dangerous of "Oscillation phenomenon", This phenomenon will have a certain impact on the normal operation of the system.

is the best working point of circulating water pump pump characteristic curve and characteristic curve of intersection of a system network. However, due to various reasons, the system is always greater than the design of the actual flow of traffic, the results along the pump characteristic curve design of pump operating point is offset to the right.
of pump operating point shift to the right, arising out of circulating water pump head lower, this is extremely negative for the normal operation of the system, especially the most vulnerable loops, the loop flow will lead to further reduce, affect normal use.

work points to the right there are two main reasons: first is the hydraulic calculation in the design of large safety factor and not the actual pressure drop calculation method, followed by the design and calculation of hydraulic balance system is not seriously, but the operating system that are not strictly after debugging. Therefore, in order for the system according to the design operating conditions, in addition to a careful calculation, you should also select the working point of the pump will pump selection in the best suitable position to the left, in case of pump operating point beyond a certain level is not the health of the economy, affecting the normal operation of the system.

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