Metering pumps introduced

as we all know, metering pumps are (English title: metering pump,proportional pump,dosing pump) reciprocating pumps, metering pump is used primarily by power-driven, fluid transmission and control consists of three parts.


power drive device through mechanical joint rod system led fluid conveying diaphragm (piston) achieved reciprocating movement, diaphragm (piston) Yu stroke of Qian half week will was conveying fluid inhalation and Yu Hou half week will fluid discharge pump head, so, change stroke of reciprocating movement frequency or each a times reciprocating movement of stroke length can up to Regulation fluid conveying volume of purpose. Precision of Machining accuracy ensure the pump at a time so as to realize the precision measurement of transmission medium.


because of their different ways of power and fluid transfer and metering pumps can be broadly divided into Cheng Zhusai metering pump and diaphragm type measurement pump two kinds:

plunger metering pump

there are regular valves pumps and pump in two ways. Plunger metering pumps because of its simple structure and the advantages of high temperature high pressure and is widely used in the petrochemical industry. For high viscosity medium to high pressure plunger pumps under operating condition is not enough a valveless Rotary plunger metering pumps have received more and more attention, and is widely used in syrups, chocolate and oil additives, high viscosity media added. Measured medium between the lubricant and the pump cannot be completely isolated from the structural shortcomings, plunger metering pumps in high pollution prevention requirements in fluid measurement applications are subject to restrictions.

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