Metering pump application should pay attention to several issues

when the metering pump dosing systems focus on the following:

    a. dosing pressure

    b. stroke frequency

    c. suction lift

    d. altitude

    e. corrosive chemicals

    when the metering pump outlet to atmospheric pressure, is there any way you can repeat accuracy of the pump?

    metering pump discharge valve install valve spring repeat accuracy can be improved, but the most effective way of improving a back-pressure valve is installed at the end of the pipeline.

    how to adjust back pressure valve?

    1. never exceed the working pressure on the metering pump.

    2. when the metering pump in suction side pressure, the pressure on the discharge side of the pump must be at least higher than the suction side pressure 1bar.

    how to choose appropriate pulse damper volume meter?

    measured in each stroke of the metering pump capacity (ML) multiplied by 26, it can be concluded that reducing the 90% pulse pulse dampers the minimum required volume (ML).

    how to set pressure of the relief valve diaphragm metering pump?

    metering pump rated working pressure safety valve pressure range adjustment than the pump maximum working pressure is not allowed. Safety valve is designed to prevent the metering pump pressure operation. If, for example, metering pumps with a maximum working pressure of 3bar 3bar pressure of the safety valve should be set, or lower to ensure normal operation of the metering pump. Working overpressure is one of the main causes of metering pump damage.

    If the transmission fluid is not water suction height calculated?

    metering pump rated suction height divided by the measurement of the specific gravity of the liquid.

    under what circumstances self-irrigation suction?

    application-irrigation suction in the following situations:

    1. measurement of volatile liquids;

    2. metering liquids heavier;

    3. when high stroke frequency are required;

    4. metering pump when working at high altitudes;

    5. application requires a large storage tank at the scene, and rely on metering pumps self-priming unworkable cases.

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