Structure of the metering pump check valve

How to choose a metering pump check valve structure and gravity check seal tee? Need to master many metering pumps are well aware of how to choose, then just carry on or want to understand the people are! Is very important to choose a good structure of the metering pump, which is related with the metering pump if used often in panics or often worse, the staff will bring a great deal of trouble. So Heineken metering pump company from two aspects to analyze the selected metering pump problem.

How to select metering pump check valve structure?

check structure of one-way valve: gravitational and elastic back

gravity check valve sealing surface of the weight of the ball on their own returns, form a one-way check valve structure, good sealing, high pressure resistance.

elastic back: elastic recovery of rubber by itself the check status, low cost, no pressure, after a long run, rubber, check the effect becomes worse, acid and alkali corrosion will make its structure, deterioration of check results.

market Italy produces more metering pumps are flexible back structure, United States, Germany, and Japan produced the metering pump is gravity check structure.

How to choose a gravity check structure of one-way valve valve ball and the ball?

universal valve ductile material in two ways: glass and ceramic balls

-glass balls: low cost, some acid and alkali ions on the corrosion of

ceramic ball: high cost, suitable for all kinds of acid and alkali

common seal ball: normal plastic balls, rubber balls and PTFE ball seats.

common plastic tee: low cost, some of the medium the corrosion, back after a long run effect becomes worse.

rubber balls: low cost, acid and alkali corrosion will change its shape for a long time, check the effect becomes weak or blocked flow channel. (

usually found on the normal pump operation after a period of time I couldn't get out of the drug phenomenon is caused by)

PTFE balls seat: high cost, suitable for all kinds of liquid and never deformation.

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