Diaphragm metering pump the working principles and methods of use

As we all know, metering pump mainly by power-driven, fluid transmission and control consists of three parts. Power drive drive fluid transport through mechanical linkage systems diaphragm to achieve movement, the diaphragm metering pump what is the working principles and methods of operation.

diaphragm (piston) in the stroke of the first half of the week will be the transmission fluid suction and fluid from the pump head in the back half of the week, so changing stroke reciprocating frequency or a reciprocating motion of the stroke length can be up to regulate fluid transfer purposes. Precision of Machining accuracy ensure the pump at a time so as to realize the precision measurement of transmission medium.

because of their different ways of power and fluid transfer and metering pumps can be roughly divided into Cheng Zhusai and diaphragm type two kinds.

        diaphragm type measurement pump working principle:

1, plunger metering pumps

are mainly common valve pump and pump in two ways. Plunger metering pumps because of its simple structure and the advantages of high temperature high pressure and is widely used in the petrochemical industry. For high viscosity medium to high pressure plunger pumps under operating condition is not enough a valveless Rotary plunger metering pumps have received more and more attention, and is widely used in syrups, chocolate and oil additives, high viscosity media added. Measured medium between the lubricant and the pump cannot be completely isolated from the structural shortcomings, plunger metering pumps in high pollution prevention requirements in fluid measurement applications are subject to restrictions.

2, the diaphragm-type metering pump

as its name suggests, the diaphragm-type metering pump using a specially designed flexible diaphragm replace the piston, in the role under the reciprocating motion of the driving mechanism, through the suction-discharge process. Due to the diaphragm effect, realized in the structure measured fluid and drive lubrication mechanism of isolation. The structure of high-tech design and selection of new materials has greatly improved the service life of the diaphragm, combined with excellent corrosion-resistant properties of composite materials, has become of the diaphragm-type metering pump main pump for fluid measurement applications. Family members of the diaphragm-type metering pump, hydraulic driven diaphragm pump driven diaphragm due to the oil evenly, overcomes the mechanical direct drive pump diaphragm stress concentration of disadvantage, enhancing the diaphragm service life and maximum working pressure. In order to overcome single-diaphragm type measurement pump diaphragm breakage that may occur as a result of failure, some metering pump is equipped with a diaphragm breakage, implement cascading protection automatically when the diaphragm is ruptured; measured with double diaphragm pump head structure to improve its security and is suitable for applications where security is particularly sensitive.

as a kind of diaphragm type metering pumps, metering pump with electromagnetic drive in electric magnet pulsation driving forces, save the motor and transmission, making the system the compact, is a small range of low pressure branch of the metering pump.

        What are the main advantages of diaphragm metering pump:

        solenoid driven dosing pump has only one moving part-the armature. In General, fewer moving parts is more reliable metering pumps. Metering pumps are ideal for low flow, low pressure in the workplace and have good power supply voltage fluctuation compensation.


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