Metering pump operating principle and control method

definition of the metering pump
metering pump (j ì Li à NG b è NG), also known as a pump or pumps. Metering pump is a process that can meet various stringent needs flow rate can be adjusted continuously throughout the 0-100%, used to transport liquids (especially corrosive liquids) a special volumetric pump.

measurement pump of classification
1. According to had flow part
(1) column plug, and piston type (2) mechanical diaphragm type (3) hydraulic diaphragm type
2. According to drive way
(1) motor drive (2) electromagnetic drive
3. According to work way
(1) reciprocating type (2) Rotary type (3) gear type
4, and according to pump features (1) King frame (2) big frame (3) in the frame (4) small frame (5) computer
other classification methods: electric control, gas control, thermal insulation, heating type, high viscosity type

structure, working principle and characteristics of
1. pump structure
of the pump from the motor, gearbox, cylinder composed of three parts.
gearbox parts are made of bow-shaped connecting rod cam, stroke adjustment mechanism and speed ratio worm gear mechanism; high adjust by rotating the adjusting handwheel trip distance from the surface before and after the changes made in the bow-shaped connecting rod to change the plunger (piston) the purpose of the trip.
cylinder part is made up of the pump head, suction valve, exhaust valves, piston seals and filler composition.
2. Works
motor by coupling driven worm and worm gear speed reducer to make the spindle and eccentric rotation of rotary motion, led by the eccentric wheel sliding adjustment of bow-shaped connecting rod for reciprocating motion. When the piston moves back dead, and gradually forming a vacuum within the pump casing, suction valve open, inhalation of liquid when dead center when you move piston forward, suction valve closed, the discharge valve opens, further movement in the plunger to discharge the liquid. Pump reciprocating Shun working continuous pressure, quantitative emission liquid.
pump with flow control flow control characteristics are by turn the adjusting hand wheel drive adjustment screw rotation, thus changing the spacing between the bow-shaped connecting rod changing plunger (piston) in pump cavity move schedule to determine the amount. Adjusting hand wheel scale decisions of plunger travel, accuracy of 95%. Characteristics of
4 and pump
1. superior performance of the pump, diaphragm type metering pumps no leaks, high security, metering and delivery accuracy, flow can range from zero to the maximum scale value range can be adjusted from atmospheric pressure to the maximum allowable pressure range to choose.
2. adjust intuitively clear, smooth, free of noise, small volume, light weight, easy to maintain, and can be used in parallel.
3. This pump varieties, properties, application delivery-30 degrees to 450 degrees, viscosity 0-800mm/s maximum discharge pressure up to 64Mpa, 0.1-20000L/h flow range, measurement accuracy is within ± 1%.
4. can be manually adjusted according to the requirements of the pump and frequency conversion regulates the flow, can realize remote control and automatic control.

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