Rotor pump

rotor pump is a type of positive displacement pump, by the relative motion between the rotor and the pump body to change volume, so that the energy of the fluid increases.
1. rotor pump all parts in contact with materials, stainless steel that are used to meet hygiene standards, the seals are made of nontoxic rubber. Reliable and nontoxic seal rust to ensure safety and health.
 2. streamlined structure of the rotor and the rotor Chamber without dead spots and nonmetallic pieces to avoid causing pollution to the material to be delivered.
3. suitable for CIP cleaning in place and steam sterilization, in full compliance with United States FDA requirements and pharmaceutical grade (GMP) requirements.
4. especially suitable for transportation in sudsing and transporting high viscidity, high density and containing granules of medium, the transported materials can remain original quality, without any physical or chemical reaction.
5. the use of dynamic and static ring mechanical seal exterior can be water, high pressure resistant, easy to wear, no leakage.
6. small volume, flow, high head pressure, suitable for long-distance and high-resistance ration transportation.
7 ... pump impeller separated from gear, and guaranteed spare parts within the pump clearances, without touching each other, Wu-wear, low noise, high reliability, long life, energy saving and consumption reduction.
8. After you configure the inverter, can adjust the flow and do a general metering pump use.
9. can transport the vapor-liquid-solid three-phase mixture. Transmission medium viscosity with high 1000000CP and pastes containing solid 55%.
10. compact structure, convenient maintenance, virtually no wearing parts, and low operating cost.
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