Stainless steel magnetic drive pump

type CQ magnetic drive pump (magnetic force pump for short) is to use the principle of magnetic coupling for centrifugal pump of new products, design, advanced technology, has a seal, no leakage, corrosion characteristics, its performance has reached advanced level of similar foreign products.

magnetic pump to static sealed replaced moving sealed, makes pump of had flow parts in completely sealed State, completely solution has other pump of mechanical sealed cannot avoid of run, and take, and drops of ills, magnetic pump selection resistance corrosion, and high strength of engineering plastics, and steel jade ceramic, and stainless steel as manufacturing material, so it has good of anti-corrosion performance, and can makes conveying media from by pollution.

magnetic pumps compact, pleasing in appearance, small size, low noise, reliable operation, easy maintenance. Can be widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum, electroplating, food, movies, photography laboratory, research institutions, the defence industry unit pumping acid, alkali, oil, scarce valuable liquid, poison, volatile liquids, as well as circulating water equipment, filter support. Particularly susceptible to leaking, flammable, explosive liquid pumped, selects this pump is more ideal.

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